Quick Facts

» Consider the benefit of terminating your calls to Cuba via IP with a recognized industry leader who holds a license issued by the US Department of the Treasury.

» Enjoy the luxury of having your Cuba termination being delivered direct to Cuba with long billable duration without unnecessary dropped calls.

» Welcome to TC Telecom.

International Termination


In 2001, John Rance, a Founder of TC Telecom, LLC was authorized a general license to provide non-facilities based telecommunications services linking Cuba and the United States. This license was authorized by the US Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control. This license allowed for legal telecommunications services with Cuba as well as the rest of the world. This license was used continually from 2001 and forward.

In 2013, TC Telecom, LLC, was issued an FCC 214 authority which provides for a direct connection to Cuba.

In dealing with TC Telecom and John Rance, buyers are assured of a legal method of access to Cuba. The system uses a single hop satellite and is commonly called pure white and does not resort to tricks or scams as a way to obtain delivery of its minutes in Cuba.

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